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  1. Tim, I was looking through your work and it is amazing! I was stunned at one of the photos that is identical of me and Bella when she was born! It’s kinda scary how close they are. Very pretty. I can’t believe I haven’t checked out your stuff sooner, I’m so behind! I miss you and your crazy self 🙂 So if I ever want to purchase something, how do I do it?

    1. Hey Lawna! I sure do miss you and your crazy self, too! 🙂 We had us some fun times back in the day, huh?

      I have a site dedicated to my fine art—specifically, portraits. You can check it out at http://portraits.timmonk.com. Pricing is available, as well as a form for requesting work.

      If you’re in need of graphic design work you can always fill out my contact form, or just send me an email at me@timmonk.com.

    1. Hi fun pics. Thank you so much for your kind words. At least, I hope “titter” was intended to be kind! 😉

      Keep coming back, as I’m likely to be changing some things around.

  2. Tim!!! These are FANTASTIC!!! I need to go and dredge up the drawing you did during Mr. Avant’s class and post it some how.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! You’ll have to remind me what I drew in Mr. Avant’s class—I just can’t remember! I drew a lot during classes. 😉

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